We’re here to walk you through the latest color trends for the season. Pastels made a strong statement in spring and are on track to continue their reign, elevating your summer style with their soft and delicate hues. These subdued tones offer a refreshing hiatus from the bold and bright colors of the past few years. This combination of eye-catching: bright and soft colors brings a sense of peace to your wardrobe. 

In addition to the appeal of pastels, we’re excited to introduce ombre as a standout trend for the season. This captivating technique seamlessly blends two complementary colors, creating a stunning gradient effect that adds depth to any screen-printed garment. Whether you’re looking for a subtle twist or a bold statement piece, ombre offers endless possibilities to express your unique style.

Here at No Dinx, we’ve curated a collection of color recommendations that perfectly capture the essence of summer. From lightweight tees in delicate pastel shades to cozy hoodies in neutral earth tones, these color options will inspire you and bring a fresh vibe to your next screen-printing order. So let’s dive into our show-stopping summer favorites!

Color Trend Forecast Spring/Summer 2024

Porcelain White

Stay cool and radiant this summer with Porcelain White: a versatile foundation that enhances any garment design. You can never go wrong with a simple clean white to add balance to a multi-color screen-printed design.

Color Porcelain White

Pastel Lilac

Add a soothing touch to your summer wardrobe with Pastel Lilac, a soft hue that complements various skin tones. Pastels are taking the apparel world by storm this season, adding a delicate sweetness to any ensemble. 

Chambray Blue

Elevate your look with Chambray Blue, a versatile shade that pairs effortlessly with denim for a fresh summer look. This color’s crisp brightness serves well when printed with warm shades of tangerine, pink, and cream or instead with monochromatic shades of blue for a subtle impact.


Infuse your wardrobe with warmth and vibrancy by incorporating Orangeade: a trendy pop of citrusy joy. This pop of color radiates the bright joy of the summer season. 


Embrace the outdoors with Watercress, a cool neutral green that will complement your summer lifestyle. The freshness of this subtle green complements those darker browns for an earth-toned look everyone can enjoy.

Ombre Combinations:

Teal/Red & Pink/Blue

A gradient sunset of blues and pinks makes a great opportunity for inspiration. Pastel shades can be blended with stronger colors to create stunning ombre Esq prints, lending especially well to the garment colors we curated for this article.

Sierra National Qualifier T-Shirt in Ombre Blue and Red"Vantastic" Creme Hoodie

Wrap up your Spring and Summer preparations effortlessly with No Dinx. Explore our wide range of vibrant colors to infuse your wardrobe with a refreshing Spring touch. Our dedicated team of graphic designers, expert screenprinting professionals, and attentive sales representatives are eager to bring your vision to life. Get in touch with us today for a complimentary quote and embark on your personalized apparel journey!