Vehicle Wraps: The No Dinx Difference

Stand out in your community with a vehicle wrap for your business. We never cut corners or compromise. Our team has years of experience and uses superior equipment and materials to deliver quality results. We take the time to fully understand your vision and integrate it into a compelling wrap design that seamlessly aligns with your brand identity. With a wrap from No Dinx, you will leave a lasting impression on potential customers everywhere you go!

Our Process


We customize each project to your goals, budget, and timeline. We’ll photograph your vehicle, check the measurements, evaluate the paint surface, show you vinyl samples, and put together a game plan.


We’ll design something that fits your style and represents your business’s personality. Our vehicle wrap designs will assure that your brand gets noticed, capturing attention both on and off the road.

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Time to get your installation scheduled! We try to keep your vehicle’s time off the road to a minimum. Got a deadline coming up fast? Let us know, and we can tell you what’s possible.

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It’s time to apply the wrap! We’ll set up a drop-off time and let you know when we should be done. We always try to get done early and will let you know as soon as your vehicle is ready to be picked up.

Van with full wrap vinyl graphics White van with no graphics

Full Wrap

Turn your vehicle into an advertising powerhouse with a complete vehicle wrap, which provides seamless coverage to your car, van, truck, bus, or trailer. These striking, full-color vinyl graphics allow you to customize your look, your brand, and your message completely.

For any business looking to maximize their visibility — a full vehicle wrap is your solution!

White Van With Partial Vinyl Graphics White van with no graphics

Partial Wrap

Partial car wraps are an excellent option for zoning in on specific areas of your car for promotional purposes. You can use any part of your vehicle, including your side panel, hood, door, bumper, tailgate, or any combination you wish. Working with the natural lines and joints of your vehicle, we’ll apply your car wrap to any surface of your car for that attractive, seamless finish.

If you are working on a budget, this can be an excellent solution that offers the benefits of a full wrap at a lower price.

White Van With Partial Vinyl Graphics White van with no graphics
White Van With Vinyl Spot Graphics White van with no graphics

Spot Graphic

Increase your brands’ exposure and drive action with a custom-designed, full-color spot graphic expertly installed to your vehicle.

Spot graphics are a great solution for any business wanting to stand out on the road.

White Van With Vinyl Spot Graphics White van with no graphics


Add your logo, tagline, contact information, or another small graphic element to your company vehicle to increase brand recognition and drive action with lettering on your car, truck, van, or any other vehicle.

Make an impact on the road with this simple and quick solution!

White Van With Vinyl Spot Graphics White van with no graphics

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