About No Dinx

We strive to deliver happy and bring you materials that are professional, clean, and eye-catching. As we journey forward, we invite you to explore all that No Dinx has to offer.



noun | no • dinx | “no dingks”

To “dink” a volleyball, a player uses their fist with two knuckles to pop the ball over the net to avoid being blocked. This move is used when a player wants to take a more passive way out of the rally.

I’m sure you’re now asking, how is this relevant to our background or company name? For starters, our volleyball roots run deep within our company, beginning with our foundation and the continuous growth of the No Dinx Volleyball brand.

The phrase gives you, our client and teammate, pride in knowing we don’t take shortcuts and we don’t cut corners. We go big or go home. We accept the challenge. We work with integrity to achieve quality.

Most importantly, we’ll always bring you and your brand the “win” – 100% guaranteed.


No Dinx always brings you and your brand the absolute best we have to offer in products, design, and pricing.


Our team works together in perfecting your order at every step, in every department, every time.


We pride ourselves in retaining 100% customer satisfaction. If your order isn’t right, we’ll make it right.

Competitive Pricing

We’ll work with your budget and help you reach a price point that you’re comfortable with.

No Dinx sign inside building
Volkswagon Bus toy next to a baseball cap
Screen printing squeegee pulling yellow ink across a screen
Woman sitting cross legged in front of a sign wearing a No Dinx shirt
Green, Teal, Blue and Pink Screen Printing inks in tubs

What We Offer  

Squeegee for screen printing

Screen Printing

Our most popular service for over 30 years. Professional design time is always included with your order.

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Sharp, made-to-last quality that will take your brand to the next level every time.

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We can start from scratch or improve what’s already yours — either way, your outcome is a recognizable, cohesive, authentic reflection of your brand.

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Marketing Products

Get your name out there! With all the shapes and sizes of materials we carry, your brand can go anywhere.

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Advertising Products

Fun giveaways — stickers, patches, magnets — say more than you’d imagine. Stock up and let them do the work for you.

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Large Format Graphics

The bigger, the better! We specialize in banners, decals, and signs.

Our Mascot

1967 Volkswagen Bus Named Happy

Volkswagon Bus illustration with trees and star in the background

You may have seen Happy exploring the streets of Downtown Albany. Maybe it was at a tradeshow or an event. Or better yet, you recognize Happy from our logo, our promotional items, and our storefront window displays. Happy is our 1967 Volkswagen Bus, named for the all-around smiles when people experience its charm. After searching several years for an old-school VW bus, No Dinx owners Corey and Nina Barton found Happy in 2016 and soon after made the bus a part of our local business operation.

“I’ve always been into cars, mostly muscle, but there’s something special to the old bus,” says Corey Barton. Before the bus made its official No Dinx debut, it received a full restoration to enhance its vintage qualities. The restoration included a fully re-furbished interior with new benches and dash, plus an exterior makeover with a paint job, new wheels, and a roof-top rack. “Driving it is like driving a parade; everybody smiles and waves and are just made ‘happy’ when they see it,” Barton says.

Happy has become a fun, artistic spectacle that’s very popular with our customers and our community. The iconic image of the VW bus in association to No Dinx has grown immensely and stands for everything that we are. Barton says, “That’s the magic of Happy. Having Happy be a part of No Dinx, whether it’s for marketing or for delivery or for display, [Happy] really represents our core values of art, quality, perfection, coolness, design, and just making people happy.”

Oregon License plate that says "DASDNX"
Interior of a Volkswagon Bus with a surfboard
Interior of a car with a Little Tree air freshener