Stitch your brand into something special. Our custom embroidery services include digitizing and made-to-last quality. Choose from some of our favorites – hats, polos, jackets – or come up with some ideas of your own. Give your brand the lasting quality it deserves with custom embroidery.

Our Embroidery Process 


Before your brand goes to the embroidery department, our graphic designers take your logo and turn it into something bold, yet simple enough that it will look great on all apparel.


Once your logo has been perfected for embroidery, our experienced embroiderers plan out the type and direction of every stitch in the design. After your logo is digitally customized, it never has to be done again.


We sew out your logo on the apparel of your choice. Paying close attention to the details, we trim off any jump stitches or extra backing material to perfect your design.

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You open your box of freshly embroidered hats, jackets, or polos, flat-folded and ready to go. Our embroidery department has perfected each stitch, ensuring your product will pass the test of time.


What is Custom Digitizing?

To embroider your design or logo, we will first digitize it. No Dinx offers custom digitizing to all embroidery clients for a small fee. Our technicians will take your artwork and recreate it using digital embroidery stitches. Once finished, the embroidery machine reads the file and stitches your design onto the garment of your choice. Precise digitalization ensures each thread is cohesive and woven for aesthetic perfection.

Our Embroidery Abilities


No Dinx offers a large collection of thread colors for embroidery projects. When you come to No Dinx for embroidery services, you are choosing quality insurance and hands-on action for every garment. With decades in the field under our belt, our short turnaround time paired with our hands on process guarantees quality product everytime our machines are turned on.


Our Favorite Projects!

Complementary Professional Design Services

No Dinx believes the best foundation for every project starts with amazing design. For over 30 years, our business philosophy has focused on bringing outstanding design principles to our clients. Our art department will work with you to achieve your goals and objectives from start to finish. Let us start with your existing artwork and idea or create a new custom design for you that is sure to impress. We offer up to 4 hours of complimentary professional design on all your apparel projects.