Retro Custom Vehicle Wrap

Brian’s finished Custom Vehicle Wrap

Transforming our Team Member Brian’s 2021 Toyota 4Runner

At No Dinx, we recently had the pleasure of transforming our team member Brian’s 2021 Toyota 4Runner with a custom retro stripe wrap. Shortly after buying his 4Runner, Brian was eager to personalize it. His first upgrade was the stereo system, but he quickly decided that a custom wrap from No Dinx Wraps would be his next big project.

Brian initially explored various retro decal designs online, but nothing felt quite right. After talking with Corey, the owner of No Dinx Wraps, inspiration struck. Corey recounted the story of his 1981 Toyota SR5 Pickup, which had a distinct and memorable paint job. This story gave Brian the idea he was looking for.

“I was like, that’s absolutely it,” Brian said. “With Corey’s guidance, the graphic designers, and the wraps technicians all in on the process, we brought it to life.” Maddy, the lead designer on the project, combined the original color of Brian’s car with a partial wrap on the front half, giving the vehicle a completely new look.

Maddy helped Brian turn his ideas into a clear design plan. Once Brian approved the design, it was sent to the wraps shop, where the team immediately got to work. The entire process, from ordering the vinyl to application, took three days.

Designing a Custom Vehicle Wrap

The design process of Brian’s 4Runner

“The most challenging part of this wrap was getting the stripes straight on the car,” explained Adam, our Sign Shop manager. “We pretty much had to dismantle the entire front half of the car.”

“Our wraps technicians are so thorough and detailed with all the cars they work on,” Brian said. “You should see the detail and perfection on these door handles.”

The application of Brian's vehicle wrap by techincians

Our Wrap Technicians during the alignment process.

Applying patterned vinyl wraps requires careful planning and skill. The technicians need to ensure that the images remain undistorted during the application process, which involves heating the vinyl. Each design can present its own unique challenges, requiring custom solutions.

Retro 80's Stripe Decal

Detail shot of the side-panel.

Brian has noticed his 4Runner attracting a lot of attention. “I’ve got other Toyota owners pulling up next to me and scoping it out,” he explained. “It starts a lot of conversations and people love to ask me about it.” To make it easy for people to learn more, he had a custom QR code sticker made for the back of his car, directing them to the No Dinx Wraps quote page. “What Corey suggested, nobody else had,” he laughed. “The designers mapped out exactly what I wanted and made it look easy.”

Now, Brian takes great pride in his car and washes it every other week. He loves driving it to work and enjoys the compliments and questions from fellow car enthusiasts.

“It’s such a neat way to imbue your car with your personal style, and I totally took inspiration,” he chuckled. “But in doing so, I really am the only one who has anything like it!” The entire experience has been incredibly rewarding for Brian.

“They just took my design and saw so much more in it, and to say I was beyond thrilled is an understatement.”

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