Screen Printing

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Screen Printing

Custom T-Shirts have never been so easy. We have all the tools you’re looking for… and then some. Let us show you how apparel, print, and design come together in the best way possible.

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Start Designing Get a Quote
Start Designing Get a Quote
Start Designing Get a Quote
Start Designing Get a Quote

Our Screen Printing Process


Fill out a quote form online and one of our account reps will contact you. From here they will help you through the entire process, making sure your order comes back just how you imagined, 100% guaranteed.


With complimentary professional design included, our in-house designers can perfect your ideas and make them apparel ready. Once you approve your design, our quick turnaround ensures your order is ready within 7-10 business days.


Our experienced, highly-trained staff of screen-printing technicians produce some of the best looking and unique apparel around. We print your design in-house, handle it with care at every stage, and deliver your product on-time.

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You open your box of freshly printed shirts, flat-folded, and ready to be worn. Be prepared to be impressed by the awesome print quality our screen-printers and designers have spent years to perfect and achieve.

Screen Printing 101

How Does Screen Printing Work?

Screen printing has both manual and automatic techniques. When using the manual technique, ink is hand pulled with a squeegee over a mesh screen. The ink transfers to the apparel through the isolated stencil cuts into the screen. The more colors used in a design, the more screens used in the process. When using the automatic technique, we are able to achieve greater accuracy when printing multiple ink colors, as well as a dramatic increase in production volume. Our automatic presses can simultaneously pull ink across 10 screens at once, meaning we can produce up to 10 single-color shirts or one 10-color shirt (and anywhere in between) per revolution.

Our Favorite Projects

Professional Design

No Dinx believes the best foundation for every project starts with amazing design. For over 30 years, our business philosophy has focused on bringing outstanding design principles to our clients. Our art department will work with you to achieve your goals and objectives from start to finish. Let us start with your existing artwork and idea or create a new custom design for you that is sure to impress. We offer up to 4 hours of complimentary professional design on all your apparel projects.

Hundreds of Brands and Styles

There’s a perfect choice for every occasion with all of our apparel options. We pride ourselves in finding you your ideal price point, style, and color choice. Here are just a few of the popular brands we carry. Come browse the catalogs in our showroom or speak with an account rep to find what’s a perfect fit for you.